Film still credit:  A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery by Lav Diaz

Film still credit:  A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery by Lav Diaz

Jeremy Chua

Jeremy Chua is a doctor-filmmaker at the Armenian Clinic

As a child, Dr. Chua believed he was psychic because he thought he could read people's minds. He had no thoughts or emotions of his own, merely reacting to what he absorbed from others. He felt he did not belong to this world. Somehow, he was always drawn to cinema and the alternate world it dwelled in. It revealed to him the subliminal human condition in all its tragedy and beauty. He became in tune with the overlapping of two living dimensions - the real world; and the one real only in the screen. Born a gemini-dragon, he is especially familiar with notions of myth and duality. He realised real people are just like cinematic characters. They possess parallel complexities, vulnerabilities, unpredictabilities, heroisms and anti-heroisms as their cinematic doppelgängers. No; he has learnt that he is not a psychic. Instead, he belongs to the other side, a mythological mathematician deducing cinema-algorithmic logic onto the real world, calculating, differentiating, integrating, theorising from a pool of knowledge downloaded from screen, applied onto reality. Now, as a doctor and pharmacist in residence at the Armenian Clinic, he is tasked to use his powers for good.


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