Film still credit: Yi Yi by Edward Yang

Film still credit: Yi Yi by Edward Yang

Nelson Yeo

Nelson Yeo is a doctor-filmmaker at the Armenian Clinic

Dr. Yeo's primary field of research is in aiding those who don't see very well to see things they have neglected. He seeks to cure the cinema amnesiacs by employing an ancient remedy, gifted by a court doctor to Empress Dowager Cixi on her 42nd birthday, circa 1877.

Therapist Bio

Nelson Yeo lives and works in Singapore. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in digital filmmaking from Nanyang Technological University. His films often have a dreamy and whimsical character and have been shown at various local and international film festivals. He is currently working on his Animals Trilogy, which includes the recent Mountain of Knives, and two more upcoming projects.

Doctor is in:
Sunday, 6 November 2016

12pm - 8:30pm

(Each consultation slot lasts 15 min)

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