Astrology 101, hosted by Aiman Khan

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

Forming the foundations of predictive and spiritual astrology, Aiman will lead the class through natal charts analysis, which includes taking into consideration natal houses and aspects between the natal planets. The class will feature discussions on calculations that have impacted the astrological landscape today, the decline of spiritual astrology as well as the rise of predictive astrology in recent times, where spiritual cannons are transformed into lifestyle-centric bites that appeal to the masses.

About Aiman Khan

Aiman is passionate about local theatre and loves writing to portray the nuances of Singaporean identities, especially with regards to religious identities as well as its history. Astrology is one of those imaginative, predictive topics that she is greatly curious about, together with palmistry and tarot. Astrology gave her a new reason to look up in the sky. She didn’t want to dismiss it as bull so easily and decided to find out how these predictions were derived and how they are still relevant today.


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

7pm - 9pm

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