Fabric Portraits, hosted by Chiang Yu Xiang

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

Capture the likeness of your subject in a fabric vignette.

Simplify the human face into shapes and learn to make stitches to adhere pieces of fabric together or for decorative purposes.


All participants are requested to bring a pair of scissors.

About Chiang Yu Xiang

Yu Xiang's love affair with sewing was rekindled recently when he done research on the topic for work. He has found woven felt to be a perfect medium for his soft sculpture work.


All classes in A Home for the Arts run on barter. When registering please select one (or more) of the following that you would like to give in exchange for the class.

  • Old sketchbooks
  • Woven felt
  • Fabric
  • Fastenings (pins/buttons)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

7pm - 9pm

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