Foraging 101 (Indoor Session), hosted by Esmonde Luo

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

Nature enthusiast Esmonde will be giving an introduction to foraging in Singapore. In this classroom session, the class will be looking at a number of urban weeds and their uses, both medical and culinary. As part of the class, students will be invited to sample food made using the plants they have learnt about.

Topics covered:

  • An introduction to the ideas behind foraging
  • Weeds for food and medicine
  • Useful, but lesser-known plants
  • Tips for foraging in an urban environment
  • Cooking with weeds

About Esmonde Luo

Esmonde is a tutor, gardener, and amateur forager. He also works on various film and theatre productions, especially in the area of art direction. From time to time, he cooks and hosts dinners – both of which give him much joy. This year, he is leaving his teaching job to spend more time on cultivating his kitchen garden and practising his cooking.

As part of his exploration, he hopes to incorporate his foraged findings and lesser-known herbs into his recipes.


All classes in A Home for the Arts run on barter. When registering please select one (or more) of the following that you would like to give in exchange for the class.

  • Something useful I can plant
    (This includes, seeds, seedlings, rooted clippings, tubers, rhizomes, and such. Do tell me what the plant is, or at least have a simple description of what it is used for. Packet seeds are good, too.)
  • Something I can eat/drink
    (The only condition is that it must be home-made, preferably by you.)
  • Something I can cook
    (This could be something dried or preserved, that I could use for cooking. Alternatively, this could be a recipe, preferably something of your own making, or passed down within your family.)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

7pm - 9pm

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