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30 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

It was 1989 when I first stepped into the Sub as a youth obsessed with non-mainstream rock music. It was there that I first experienced punk, hardcore, metal, indie rock and the various sub-genres of rock, which prior to that I could only listen from my personal music collection or the occasional chance on the radio, performed live, especially by local bands.

My sojourn into music composition may not have materialised without this experience of local underground bands performing originals live. Being involved with countless bands from then on, today I am a practising solo musician performing music beyond the conventional boundaries of what is considered a song or composition. Today I am no more of youth nor just obsessed with non-mainstream rock, instead a sound fiend and improviser of sorts.

With the intent of giving back that which enabled this constant metamorphosis, this experience will illustrate the intangible and immeasurable influence of the Sub that informs my sonic practice today. Witness the dismantling and subversion of these sub-genres infused with avant-explorations with a sense of improvisation unique only to this moment.

About Dharma

Best known as the former guitarist of Singapore avant-rock group The Observatory, Dharma was with the band for the first 7 albums. His initial approach stems from guitar experimentations with effects and later on incorporating objects to bring it to a grittier, mystical and industrial-esque sonic dimension. Dharma’s solo practice, which came to fore with his 2013 solo debut, Intergranular Space, has opened up new vistas for his guitar work. Using prepared and extended techniques, his guitar no longer just plays notes and chords, but conjures forth colours, textures and even beats.

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