Ethnocacophony Series (Performance art, live sounds and experimental electro acoustics music.)

This performance is part of Performing Home

23 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

The artist will present a live sound performance using a variety of sound sources; which consists of field recordings collected from around the vicinity of the performance site; recent compositions and live sounds.

The performance explores the psycho-acoustics of the performance space, the artist will uncover specific site of interests to explore the potential architectural acoustics of the given space; as a sonic challenge to present the spatial qualities that relates to the historicity and social significance of the performance site.

By exploring the sound ‘medium' in a performative approach, the artist hopes to translate his findings into an array of re-interpreted sounds and actions to give light to new meanings & expose the cultural bearings between the organic (human activities) & the static (architectural structure/space).

About Kai Lam

Kai Lam, born 1974; plays as Singlish Punk, B.O.A & BoA; the artist’s choice of medium is through the use of field recordings, circuit bended machines; self-made oscillators & an assortment of strange instruments to generate quasi-electronic compositions, live sounds as a cross-disciplinary exploration by the means of audio arts. SG Punk is a performance art pseudonym that was started by multidisciplinary artist Kai Lam in 2005 as a means to resist the consumerist tendencies & cultural hegemony in urban living; Singlish Punk celebrates the hydridisation of diverse languages and cultures; seeking self-autonomy in the name of cultural and political freedom through the pluralist practice of art.

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