Night (date of performance)

This performance is part of Performing Home

27 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

A year ago I wrote a performance titled, Night (date of performance), envisioning a 12 hour solo guitar improvisation set about exhaustion and music-making, to be played overnight within The Substation gallery space. The space had a unique charm at night and it was a special feeling to be ending a day off with a programme at The Substation, located fittingly on the end of our busy town center.

Having furthered my exploration with sound and performance, I will attempt to envelope The Substation with a rumbling ambient buzz; a sound that is overwhelming but not extravagant, subtle but ever-present, rugged but not repulsive, and loud but quiet in its own right - one that is hopefully befitting of the space that it is.

About Lai Yu Tong

Lai Yu Tong (b. 1996) is a multidisciplinary Singaporean artist interested in ideas of banality and exhaustion. He writes instructions, conducts durational exercises, and makes music in response to the changes in pace and stability of his daily existence. His practice aims to propose new alternatives to everyday living.

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