A Few Last Words

This performance is part of Performing Home

22 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

In 1997, my junior college friends and I decided to troll the audience at a poetry reading at the Substation garden. We wrote the most overwrought, angsty poem ever and read it out loud, while I performed similarly ridiculous movements on stage. Everyone took our work seriously and applauded. I was left with a great sense of hollowness at the end: a realisation that there is little objective difference between good and bad poetry. 

I shall attempt to relive this sense of disillusionment. A volunteer from the audience will read a short text—either a masterpiece or a dud—and I shall dance to it. In memory of the desserts at the old Fat Frog cafe at the Substation garden, they may then use a brownie to reward me, punish me or reward themselves.

About Ng Yi-Sheng

Ng Yi-Sheng is a Singaporean writer and LGBT activist. In 2008, he won the Singapore Literature Prize for his debut poetry collection last boy. His other books include the novel Eating Air and the recently published Loud Poems for a Very Obliging Audience. He is a founding member of the spoken word troupe Party Action People and an organiser of the annual queer literary reading ContraDiction. He has also created performances with companies such as TheatreWorks, W!ld Rice, Toy Factory Theatre, Musical Theatre Ltd and Dance Fission. He tweets and Instagrams at @yishkabob.

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