Phantom Limb (The Magical Palm Has Vanished) 

This performance is part of Performing Home

24 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

"It was an indoor mini wayang that never got off the ground."

25 years ago, The Substation organised the Folk Arts Season that would have featured the master puppeteer Lee Chye Ee. Master Lee was an extraordinary artist who excelled in performing glove and string puppetry, playing all the musical instruments in the show, and crafting puppet heads. In 1988, his story was archived by the Oral History Department, and in 1990 he appeared in Lao Jiu, staged by The Practice Theatre Ensemble. The Substation planned to showcase Master Lee's craft with a series of performances and workshops for young people, but he passed away in a car crash in Johor on 23 July earlier that year. The exhibition became a posthumous tribute to the late Master Lee, titled "The Magical Palm Has Vanished".

In this Departure, participants will grasp the archival remains as they reimagine the performances that never came to be. In the wake of departure 25 years later, what continues to touch us, and what has taken hold?

About Shawn Chua

Shawn's performance research engages with the uncanny lives of objects, from puppetry to archives, and from thinking machines to queer personhoods. He was awarded the NAC Art Scholarship (postgraduate) and holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Shawn is currently a researcher and archivist at The Necessary Stage.

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