Signs of a nest

This performance is part of Performing Home

17 NOVEMBER, 6.30PM - 10PM

The installation explores triggers of dwellings; unnoticed fragments. Signs of a nesting place, a home. ‘Home’ being a place of belonging, such as the Substation. How these ‘signs’ are becoming lost in their material sense, only to be held in that of the virtual, but resonate in the landscape of our bodily memory. The work couples film and live performance. The film composed of 250 photographic stills collected from several HDB (public housing) in Singapore.

signs of a nest concept, camera, editing: Susan Sentler score: from Hajsch '1992' and sound composition by Zeek Perakos performer: Valerie Lim

About Susan Sentler

Susan Sentler is an artist, working in the art form of dance as choreographer, photographer/filmmaker, teacher, researcher, director, and performer. She has taught globally for over 30 years. Susan creates durational installations using absence/presence of the body, sound, object, moving and still image. Her work has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and Singapore. In 2013 Susan earned a Masters in Creative Practice, awarded by Trinity Laban in collaboration with Independent Dance in London/UK. Currently she is a Lecturer of Dance at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.


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