Piece for 350 Onomatopoeic Molecules

by Ang Song Ming

Interactive Installation: 350 ping pong/plastic balls; rackets and bats; guitars; guitar effects; amplifiers; drums; cymbals

"Piece for 350 Onomatopoeic Molecules is probably the first artwork I made, which explains the silly, pretentious title. With the work, I was just trying to emulate John Cage and Fluxus – to make an open work driven by chance and audience participation. I like the fact that it draws from avant garde music and conceptual art, but is at the same time quite ‘punk’ in spirit – even if you don’t know how to play music, you can make some noise with the installation. 

The first time it was presented, there were both adults and children in the audience, and everyone seemed really into it. We didn’t need to explain to them how it worked; they were just throwing balls at the instruments and enjoying themselves. I remember feeling very encouraged when I saw that. Since then my practice has developed, but the idea of using processes to structure my artworks is still very much there"

Special Thanks:

  • Hearing Hill

  • Tan Wee Kwang

  • Gibson for their generous sponsorship of the guitars