Ping Pong Go Round

by Lee Wen


Performance and mixed media installation, dimensions variable

“I first created the work in 1998. Ping pong is a sport that is 100 over years old, and it is known as a fair game between men and woman. They can play against each other and be equally good. It symbolizes equality, unity and diplomacy. It is both recreation and art. The image of the doughnut shaped ping pong table came up in many newspapers and I think it changed the attitude of the National Arts Council. They realised that performance art could be something useful, beautiful and interactive as well. When the circular table is whole, it is sculpture in the round. You could place it anywhere and it works. This version fragments it into two halves that might not add up. It apprehends space. For sure, the work takes on a different meaning. I am curious to see how the transformations make new experiences possible playing the open game with more openness.”

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