Tales of Saintrest

by Tan Shao Han/Curious Chimeras


Collaborative Role-Playing Performance: glazed ceramic figurines; dice; cards; paper maps

“I like games a lot! To me, games and play can create worlds of new possibilities, where our imaginations have the space to flourish. I'm especially fond of role-playing games, as I enjoy watching how people adopt different personas and ways of thinking/ acting, and try to respond to situations in different ways. Role-playing games helped me through some very difficult periods of my life; the different worlds and personas I imagined and assumed helped me to understand my own experiences and explore other perspectives. Thus, it's my hope that games can help us develop our imaginations and help us empathize more deeply with others, as we behold other worlds and expand our horizons. I'm very excited for this opportunity to work with the Substation, to bring some of this playful spirit, into the Home of the Arts!”

The Curious Chimeras are:

  • Tan Shao Han
  • Alanna Yeo
  • Nani Nurani
  • Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy
  • Nathanael Ng
  • Shafiie Syahmi


The Curious Chimeras are playing:


Every Wednesday and Friday - 7 to 9pm

Every Saturday and Sunday - 2 to 4pm


No experience needed, just drop in!


For more information on the hosts, visit http://www.curiouschimeras.com/