Stories as Conversations, hosted by Eng Kai Er + Chong Gua Khee

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

In this class, we propose the use of stories as conversation, by taking turns to tell stories in pairs. We will observe how our own stories begin to relate to our partners' stories, and vice versa, in surprising ways. We will also discover how this process of story-as-conversation induces changes in both how we listen and how we tell.

About Eng Kai Er + Chong Gua Khee

Chong Gua Khee is a theatre practitioner who is fascinated by far too many things, and so she is very interested in interdisciplinary 'jamming' and different ways of co-creating pieces. Her pieces are for her a way of dialoguing with and about society, and good tea (as well as food) in this process is very important.

Eng Kai Er is a performance maker interested in dance, theatre and contemporary performance. She enjoys working collaboratively in small groups, and seeks to experience performance-making as both a social situation and an inquiry-driven process.

Gua Khee and Kai Er first met dancing contact improvisation, but have since gone on long coffee dates discussing dance and theatre, as well as sharing stories. They are currently exploring story-telling as a mode of communication, and are working towards a performance of sorts in December.


All classes in A Home for the Arts run on barter. When registering please bring both of the following in exchange for the class.

  • One food item (no potato chips please, but vegetable chips or healthier options are okay)
  • Each participant should bring 4 stories: 1 real, 1 fictional, 1 legend/myth, 1 personal. The stories don't have to be written down or memorized, but if participants feel like they need to have 'notes' about the stories, it's fine to have these with them during the workshop. Each story should be at least 5 lines long.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

4pm - 6pm

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