The Art of Zine-Making: Punk Meets Pen, East Meets West, hosted by Meryl Yeo Yawen

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

An introduction to the Zine medium of expression as a powerful tool for the Fine Artist or the Lawless Punk. In this workshop, participants will go through an overview of the Zine subculture and what this can mean in the modern Eastern context. The class is then guided to explore, channel and crystallise free-form thoughts and ideas in the manner of artists during their early phases of self-realisation.

Some basics of subculture history and storytelling are covered. This is followed by a simple Zine making activity in which participants learn to harness and focus their unique energies and experiences onto paper. Each participant will have their own unique Zine to take home at the end of the session.

Participants are required to bring the following:

  • Scissors & penknives
  • Ruler
  • Coloured markers
  • Scrap paper: lined or plain
  • Drinks/container
  • TWO different types of art magazines or Zines. These can be full magazines, 2D video game/comic book paraphernalia or free art booklets available at many local Cafes or indie publishers etc, and will be pooled as a resource on the day (condition : they must be relevant, e.g. no beauty/gossip/trashy magazines or newspapers unless you have chosen to create a Zine that requires it.
  • Participants are most welcome to bring something substantial from their private collections for show and tell or as a gift, as long as they contribute at least 1 other Zine that can go towards the Zine-making pool. Can be past issues or current.)
  • A post-it note with your favourite quote written (artistically, in your own unique style xD ) on it - one that speaks to you when you need courage to keep following your dreams off the beaten path.

About Meryl Yeo Yawen

Meryl Yeo is a local artist and writer, a child of Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. Aided by her warm persona and unassuming nature, her professional experience spans several industries, allowing her to excel in International / cross-cultural communications and community outreach. A pioneering spirit, she has made appearances on TV & Radio locally and overseas, and has worked with a range of Creatives from Supermodels to progressive leaders from the most vulnerable minority communities.

Meryl’s personal interest in the Zine subculture and desire to empower the underdog stems from childhood. Disturbed by the inequalities and imbalances of the world, she was spurred to explore and express Philosophy through Pop Art. She self-published 50 Zine episodes at the age of 11 – a lighthearted series which questioned casual social segregation and war through early existential questions through the innocent eyes of children. She has since gathered a myriad of contrasting experiences across different continents and cultures, and continues to draw from them in an ongoing quest to evolve in her work.

As a specialised interest, Meryl has on occasion partaken in e-sports since her teenage years. She maintains a dedicated mobile video-gaming channel ( and small fan base on social media ( Within certain gaming communities, she is known for her social Gaming Guides which teach children how to handle the unmoderated gambling element in mobile games and protect themselves from socially maladaptive behaviour online such as cyberbullying and scamming. She is also passionate about helping adults connect with youth, and reconnect with their own inner children.

Armed with her unique set of experiences, she enjoys coaching and connecting individuals across cultures, age groups and social backgrounds. She guides them to transcend the invisible barriers of social class through practical steps, to fully align with themselves on a deeper level to create from an authentic space. Through her work, she aims to help bridge and bring together Young and Old, East and West, in hopes that we may begin to envision a better future for the World and write meaningful chapters for the human collective that will withstand the test of time.

She is currently working on her first book and maintains a blog at

IN / TW: NoDamnPie
FB : TrueOrigins
YT :
Web : /


All classes in A Home for the Arts run on barter. When registering please select one (or more) of the following that you would like to give in exchange for the class.

  • Bring a story you can verbally share (what projects or areas in life did you hope to gain inspiration towards?)
  • A small bag of your favourite childhood candy
  • An item that evokes nostalgia about your childhood

Thursday, 17 November 2016

7pm - 9pm

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