The Bad Photo Project, hosted by Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang and Leanna Teoh (THEBOOKSHOW)

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

THEBOOKSHOW is proud to present The Bad Photo Project, a participative session that aims to advocate the production of a collaborative photo-book through an instinctive open discussion.

Participants are required to bring to the table photographs of which they consider bad. The notion of 'bad photography' takes its form in countless ways - bad lighting, bad composition, bad preference, bad moment, bad subject... The list goes on.

This project will see itself put together a book of these bad photographs made by different individuals, deliberately selected and arranged, revealing thought processes behind the sequencing and piecing together of a photobook. This project challenges the idea that creating a photobook is not necessarily dependent on how 'well' the photographs are taken; rather, it focuses on how interesting a twist one can create with existing material, highlighting that the mere spark or idea behind a photo-book is the overarching element that holds it together. Hence we would love for you to join us in creating, as objectively as we deem fit, our very own rendition of a great and unique photo-book. Lesson duration: ~2.5h

Lesson Duration: 2.5~ hours


Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang and Leanna Teoh work for THEBOOKSHOW, a Singapore-based initiative that aims to act as a platform for aspiring artists to showcase self-published photo-books conceived out of passion. We began in 2014 as a group of passionate individuals who believed in the photo-book medium as a form of art. The Bad Photo Project is the first step we are taking to be content makers that contribute to the self-publishing society. With the help of participants, we intend to produce a unique edition of a photo-book that consists of curated images that are deemed “bad”. This project aims to challenges the idea that creating a photo-book is not necessarily dependent on how 'well' the photographs are taken and to encourage participants to embark on their own photo-book making journey.


- 20 “bad” photographs taken by each participant (not found images), each photograph to be printed onto different paper sizes ranging from 148mm to 420mm (width or height).

  • Participants are encouraged to print the photographs on different types of paper texture, paper size, and paper colour.
  • The prints can be single-sided, double-sided, or a combination of both.


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  • 20 “bad” photographs by the participants printed out in hard copy

Sunday, 13 November 2016

4pm - 6.30pm

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