'Voluntourism': The Flipside of Altruism No One Talks About, hosted by Annabelle Lim

This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

As the daughter of a refugee from the Vietnamese Boat People Crisis, Annabelle has been exposed to the stark contrast of our Singapore bubble to that in Vietnam- a state brimming with poverty and corruption. Having run missions to this country, she has seen the endless shortcomings of short-term Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) enlisted by schools or even volunteers wanting to do good for a week. By the end of the decade, the global market for volunteer tourism is projected to be 30 million and this is cause for more harm than good.

In this classroom session, Annabelle will be sharing how an abandoned boat in the 1970s started her movement of giving and what we can all do to truly contribute back sustainably to society, without even stepping foot out of the country.

About Annabelle Lim

Annabelle is a strong believer in the butterfly effect, wherein one small ripple of action can have large effects. Part French-Vietnamese, she and her mum have embarked on mission trips to facilitate self-sufficiency in rural areas of Vietnam. She is currently undertaking an exciting gap year to write and weed out the hidden good in society before devoting her soul to Law at UCL next fall. She hopes that you enjoy this class as much as she has enjoyed telling her stories to you.


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Saturday, 26 November 2016

4pm - 6pm

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